Our experienced and expert audiologists use the latest technologies and up-to-date expertise to provide hearing-health support for you and your family: prevention, education, evaluation and treatment. Our special focus on education ensures that you’ll understand your hearing loss fully, as well as the unique needs that it has created.

At our hearing loss clinics it is the goal of our audiologists and hearing specialists to make you feel like you are being treated by a family member. Feeling comfortable and at ease is an important part in our hearing assessment and hearing treatment process. When you visit one of our hearing centres you will experience how our hearing professionals go above and beyond to make our patients feel relaxed and unanxious.

Hearing Assessments

There are no one-size-fits-all hearing loss solutions. Symptoms vary, as do the ways in which you can address those symptoms. For us, assessing your hearing means understanding your unique needs so we can work with you on finding the right solution. The hearing tests performed at our hearing clinics are performed by experienced audiologists and hearing specialists and are more in-depth to ensure we are identifying hearing solutions that will meet your unique hearing needs.

Tinnitus Consultations

If our hearing professionals determine that you have tinnitus, they can offer a number of therapeutic options for tinnitus relief and symptom management.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Treatment Plan

This is about much more than picking out a device. Our audiologists and hearing aid practitioners will develop a custom treatment plan and program your hearing aids to achieve your specific hearing goals. The process towards better hearing is not always an easy one. Your Hearing Care Provider will play a very important role in helping you with adjustments and changes as your hearing, expectations and needs change through your hearing journey.

Hearing Aid Care

Hearing aids are finely-tuned, high-tech equipment; as such, they require specialized regular maintenance to perform at the level you need. When our team fits you with a device, you’ll also receive detailed instructions on how to care for your device and when to bring it in for maintenance.