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The treatment of hearing loss is much more than picking out a hearing device.

The hearing aid is but a small part that will determine your success in treating hearing loss.

We believe there are 4 components to successful hearing:

  • Your Hearing Care Provider
  • The Equipment – Your Hearing Aid & The Testing Tools
  • Your Loved Ones
  • Your Commitment to Better Hearing

Your Hearing Care Provider

Providing a comprehensive hearing test and assessment of your hearing is key when identifying a treatment plan. Understanding the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and your unique needs will help our audiology experts create a treatment plan specifically for you. There are a number of different hearing problems and treatment options, identifying the perfect hearing solutions for you is key when building a successful treatment plan.

Our Audiologist and Hearing Aid Practitioners will develop a custom treatment plan and program your hearing aids to achieve your specific hearing goals. The process towards better hearing is not always an easy one. This is why your hearing care provider will play a very important role in helping you with adjustments and changes as your hearing, expectations and needs change through your hearing journey.

The Equipment – Your Hearing Aid & The Testing Tools

The hearing aid and its level of technology will have a large part in your ability to achieve your hearing goals. Depending on your hearing loss and goals, more advanced technology may be required to help you with more difficult and challenging situations.

Our testing equipment and the proper use of the audiometers, real ear measurements and the fitting software will all play a role in helping you to hear your best. It is critically important that the equipment is calibrated annually for accurate results.

Your Loved Ones

Hearing loss affects everyone you love. Your loved ones will need to support you in our journey; no matter to accompany you to your appointments, or to help you with cleaning aids, or maybe just act as moral support when things get tough. Make sure you involve a loved one through every step of this journey.

Your Commitment To Better Hearing

The path to better hearing is not always an easy one. Often the process involves many visits at the beginning to ensure we have the right hearing aid, that this fit is correct and to help with adjustments in specific scenarios. On top of that we will also want to retest your hearing annually to ensure we are accounting for any changes that may occur during your hearing journey.

But we promise that if you are committed to better hearing, we will be here for you and we won’t give up. Creating a better quality of life for you and your family matters just as much to us as it does to you.

Your Treatment Plan

At a minimum your treatment plan will include the following appointments along with ongoing adjustments, custom programming, and goal setting associated to your specific case.

  • Hearing Examination
  • Fitting Appointment
  • 2 week Checkup
  • 4 Week Checkup
  • 3 Month Checkup
  • 6 Month Checkup
  • 1 Year Annual Checkup and Retest
  • 2 Year Annual Checkup and Retest
  • 3 Year Annual Checkup, Retest and Warranty Assessment
  • 4 Year Annual Checkup and Retest
  • 5 Year Annual Checkup, Retest and Technology Needs Assessment

We are happy to provide online adjustment appointments with the Phonak Marvel hearing aids – complete an adjustment from the comfort of your own home, or when away on vacation – ask your hearing care provider for more details.

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