Hearing Care Provider

Hi, I’m Shannon Polzin and I am a Hearing Care Provider .

My favourite part of Bow River Hearing is the atmosphere in our office. The patients who come in feel like family, and I enjoy hearing their stories and sharing in their laughter. Watching someone go from quiet and introverted to a bubbly, chatty person is amazing — all because they couldn’t hear but now can! Knowing that I have helped make our patients’ lives a little better is a great feeling.

My best memory is of a patient who came in and was upset that her hearing aid wasn’t working. She was here from Nova Scotia visiting her 2-year-old grandson and was having a hard time hearing him. Once I fixed her hearing aid, she had tears in her eyes and the biggest smile. I’ll always remember her saying, “Thank you so much! Now I can hear my grandson again!” At the end of the day, that is the best part of the job: knowing there are people out there who are happy because we could help them hear their world just a little better.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my two children and my two dogs. We love to enjoy the outdoors camping and 4X4ing. My kids and dogs keep me busy and bring so much joy to my life – never a dull moment with them around!