Hearing Aid Practitioner, Tinnitus Retraining Therapist


Hi, my name is David Lee, I am the owner of Bow River Hearing and a practicing Hearing Aid Practitioner and Tinnitus Retraining Therapist at our clinics. I also lead our team of Audiologists and Hearing Aid Practitioners.

My initial interest in the hearing industry started after working summer jobs at my mom’s hearing clinic. There I had the opportunity to see the immense impact hearing has on people’s lives. Their everyday struggles made a lasting impression on me and inspired me to follow in my mom’s footsteps to become a Hearing Aid Practitioner. In 2010, my mom, Esther, decided to retire, passing on the important task of maintaining the Bow River Hearing motto to provide “The Best in Hearing Care” to each and every patient.

Over the last few years, my passion for hearing has led me to seek further ways to help others live and hear better. Today, I am also a certified Tinnitus Retraining Therapist, where I help others to manage and deal with tinnitus out of our Tinnitus Treatment Centre. I also serve as the President of the association that governs our profession where we work to grow and maintain the standards of our practise. And since 2016, I have served as the president of the Gift of Hearing Foundation, an organization that I founded that promotes hearing education and awareness within our communities and works to bring the gift of hearing to the less fortunate around the world.

On the personal side, I enjoy spending time with my loving wife and daughter, eating, playing golf, and travelling to new and interesting places