Sarah Grund

Clinical Audiologist

Hi! I’m Sarah Grund, an Audiologist at Bow River Hearing.

I started my career as a speech-language pathologist. It was rewarding, but I had taken a minor in audiology at school and found myself increasingly drawn toward pursuing that interest further. After working in client services for a hearing centre in Ottawa, I decided that audiology was definitely the path for me. The science involved and the technological intricacies of hearing aids captured my interest in a big way.

Being part of someone’s journey to better hearing, and seeing the impact it has on their day-to-day life, is wonderful. Whether it’s helping someone experience hearing aids for the first time, or showing a long-time hearing aid user a whole new level of technology, playing a part in improving their quality of life means a lot to me.

I’ll always be grateful for my speech-language pathology (SLP) background, because I believe it makes me a better audiologist. In SLP, I developed an awareness of and sensitivity to communication needs that really helps me connect with clients.

Outside of my work at Bow River, I’m a foodie who loves to try out new restaurants whenever possible. Right now, though, a lot of my time is taken up by Rosie—my new puppy!