Patient Care Coordinator

My name is Helena Zhao. I am a Patient Care Coordinator at our Crescent Heights location.

I speak four languages in my work place. I am Chinese, grew up in Brazil, and immigrated to Canada as a young adult. I find when I speak to patients in their preferred language, they have a more comfortable experience and open up more. Through this I feel they treat me like a part of their extended family. Some of my long term patients bring me authentic treats from their hometown, and call me granddaughter. After eight years, I know most patients by their names – I can even recognize some by their voice on the phone!

I care my about my patients needs, and I’m glad I can be a part of their life. Some aspects of my job can be challenging, but it is so rewarding to see the expression on our patients’ faces when they are able to hear the world again.

One of my most memorable experiences was developing a personal relationship with one of our patients. A few years ago, an 80 year old patient accompanied by his daughter came to our office. He was quiet and didn’t respond to me when I greeted him. His daughter was helping him to fill out medical information, but without communication between them. After the hearing test he left in a grumpy mood. A few weeks later he returned for his hearing aid fitting. They were in the practitioner’s office and I remember hearing his voice for the first time. I noticed during his third and fourth visits he was happier, cheerful, and even talkative. Watching him regain his hearing and seeing the positive impact it had on his life was both rewarding and inspiring.