Director, Marketing and Operations

Hi, my name is Jon, and I am the marketing director here at Bow River Hearing.

As someone who appreciates that everyone has a story to tell and something to teach, I love the interaction of working in healthcare and am constantly amazed by what I learn from different people every day at Bow River Hearing.

Our industry allows us to perform impactful work, and we’re able to make direct changes to better people’s lives. The results are instantaneous, and it’s so rewarding to see someone regain the ability to connect with loved ones.

I’ve spent most of my career in advertising and have worked at some of the most awarded advertising agencies in Canada, including Critical Mass and Taxi, giving me the opportunity to lead client service and guide digital strategy for many accounts including Shaw, WestJet, and Dell Computers.

When helping our patients at Bow River Hearing, my goal is to provide the same care, service, and honestly, I would provide for my parents. This means going the extra mile, checking up on them, and sometimes even sharing a little bit of tough love.

On the personal side, I’m an aspiring Ironman. Though still a long way from competing in an Ironman triathlon, I would love to do it one day — maybe when the kids are much older — and am currently trying to better my times in the Olympic distance race.