Hearing Aid Practitioner

My name is Lucy Guo, and I am a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Bow River Hearing.

After growing up in China, I joined the audiology field in 2014. My favourite part of my job is knowing that I am able to help protect, maintain and restore my patients’ hearing. I especially enjoy getting to know my each of my patients, hearing their stories, and getting their wisdom. My goal is to improve my patients’ quality of life by finding a personalized solution that will allow them to hear the world and connect with their loved ones.

One of my most memorable experiences happened only a few weeks after I joined the Bow River Hearing family. A young mom who lost her hearing when she was very young and wore hearing aids throughout her youth shared her experience. After marrying and having two beautiful girls, she was unable to sleep comfortably through the night. She slept on one side because she had to put a hearing aid in one ear to make sure she could hear her children were crying. Now, with her Lyric aids she is able to sleep through night. Although hearing is something I take for granted, this patient reminded me that hearing is a gift. Experiences like this remind me how important my work is and inspire me to provide the best care that I can to each of my patients.

When I’m not helping my patients improve their hearing health, I love reading, spending time with my husband and two sons, and volunteering with my church.

“Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” -Luke8:8