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Phone: (403) 457-4327

Address: 2210 2nd St SW #180, Calgary, AB T2S 3C3

Fax: (403) 457-4326

Email: [email protected]

Languages Spoken: English

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Team Members

Zar Rubab

Patient Care / Claims Coordinator

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Lacey Beierbach

Hearing Aid Practitioner, TRT Specialist

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Doug Hoyer

Hearing Care Provider

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The Latest Reviews For Our Mission Location

Mackenzie Klingbile
Mackenzie Klingbile
19:54 23 Feb 21
I had such an amazing experience! I got in for a hearing test within a couple weeks, Lacey did my testing and was amazing and clear at what she was explaining to me, helping me understand what my results where. I told them I am leaving Calgary to go home on the 26th and don’t know when I would be back and they fit me in at the earliest they could before I had to leave! Got my hearing aids today (feb 23rd) and the staff that helped me today (Alison and doug) were great! Helped me show how to clean them, how to remove and insert them as I am a first time user, as well as help make sure the sound quality was great and they were working properly! I highly recommend this place! This is my first time since I was 7 (24 now) getting my hearing checked!
Jeremy W (Jhaus)
Jeremy W (Jhaus)
21:28 06 Feb 21
Very nice staff and the attention I get from the Bow River Hearing specialist is amazing as she always answers my questions to my satisfaction and she also makes sure I leave with better,clearer hearing then when I get there. I recommend Bow River Hearing to one and all. Thank Lacey:)
james tea
james tea
22:13 21 Jan 21
Every part of my experience at Bow River Hearing has been exemplary. Zar in the office has always taken care of my appointments and makes me feel welcome - their new office is still clean and bright like their former location down the hall, and I have felt comfortable there even during Covid. Doug Hoyer has been compassionate, thoughtful, and thoroughly considerate throughout my sudden (and emotionally traumatic) hearing loss, and he has gone above and beyond to assess my hearing, carefully listening to me and understanding the personal impact of my hearing loss, educating me about my options while tailoring his recommendation to my specific needs, and perhaps I'm most floored and grateful for his effort (+ Zar's!) to help make hearing aids accessible to me - truly, this is the best care I've received in any branch of health care since the onset of my condition. Every aspect of the care I've received at Bow River Hearing has been extraordinarily helpful, Doug is patient to explain and reexplain questions I've got, and the tests I have received have been conducted with impressive equipment with trustworthy expertise. I am consistently grateful for the quality of care I receive at every appointment I've had at Bow River Hearing, and I would recommend the Mission location and Doug Hoyer especially, because of the outstanding experience I've had as his patient. The extent to which hearing aids have the power to improve the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss can not be understated - and I'm glad to know that my devices will be distributed to people who can use them through their charity program if/when I decide to replace them in 5 or so years. I could go on and on about how meaningful it has been for me to navigate my hearing loss with the guidance of such excellent professionals - thanks to Bow River Hearing, I have access to some pieces of myself that I was missing, which is priceless. I'm more confident and secure than I was feeling before, and I even want to brag about my awesome chic new devices. A+, five stars in every way.

About Our Mission Location

The Bow River Hearing Mission location is located in Calgary’s downtown in the Holy Cross Centre located at 2nd Street and 22nd Avenue in the southwest. Our Mission location is located in the Holy Cross Centre just west of the Elbow River and one block north of William Aberhart Park.

When looking for a hearing clinic “near me” our Mission location is near the communities of Mission, Erlton, Upper Mount Royal, Elbow Parks, Burnsland, Ramsay, Beltline, Bankview and East Village.

Our Mission location is located along the #3, #17 and #419 bus routes making it accessible to those who live in Calgary’s central communities.

At the Bow River Hearing Mission location we have a team of highly trained, friendly and experience hearing aid practitioners and patient care coordinators.

Our Mission location is dedicated to accommodating all types of Calgarians as our team members will go above and beyond to make our patients comfortable.

For more information on our Mission location please call us at (403) 910-3649 or email us at [email protected].