Gabby Maclennan

Hearing Aid Practitioner

Hi! I’m Gabrielle Maclennan, a Hearing Aid Practitioner at Bow River Hearing.

I left life as a computer programmer to raise my children; while they were growing up, I decided on a career change. Having worn hearing aids for many years due to tinnitus, I became fascinated by hearing technology and the world of hearing health seemed an obvious one to explore.
Knowing that people are leaving my office with the technology and knowledge they need to hear better is an amazing feeling. One of my favorite examples is the time a patient came back a week after I had fit her with hearing aids to tell me they weren’t working properly – she was hearing chirping noises every time she went outside.

I decided to test her theory by playing a YouTube video of robins chirping—the same sound I suspected she was hearing at home. It turns out the patient had no idea birds made noises.. her hearing aids helped her discover birdsong!

In my spare time, I build Lego sets that my children aren’t allowed to touch and play video games more than is probably healthy. Here’s a fun fact: The number of Lego Minifigs in my house outnumber the humans fifty to one!