Don’t wait until your hearing is 50% down

Dr. Farook Oosman, June 15, 2020

“……I know a lot of people are quite hesitant to go into hearing aids. And I tell the importance of going to one early. Don’t wait until your hearing is at 50% down, and then you are trying to wear them after 3 – 5 years. Then your frequencies are lost to the brain, and then you are start putting your hearing aids in later in life – it doesn’t work very well because the brain will not receive them anymore. So your hearing aid is perfect, but your brain is not getting those frequencies. So you got to go early.”

My “impossible” became possible…

Danielle Pushie, August 31, 2019

“……So not long ago, on April 30th, at 43 years of age, I heard the birds sing for the first time in my life. I hear the whole melodies now, not just occasional chirps. I can tell you my microwave beeps 4 times when it’s done. My oven timer plays a tune. My car beeps at every button pushed. I babysat my 3 and 6 year old nephews recently and I could hear every whisper between them and to me……In my experience, I discovered that, for me, this has been above and beyond all my dreams and expectations. And it’s made me wonder does everyone with hearing loss know how awesome hearing aids are with the ever-changing technology……A mission of Bow River Hearing is that they promise to care for you like family. That is truth. Tailoring to needs, adjustments, growth and making you feel like they are part of your journey makes it all worthwhile……”

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My story with Bow River Hearing

Dr. Ferri De Barros, February 15, 2018

“……I guess people were trying to talk to me in the professional environment would just assume that I was not responding back to them because I was being rude or grumpy or whatever. And the fact was just not hearing them. So this was building up my stress level and I went to have my hearing checked……After had my hearing aids put on, this was really a remarkable improvement on my health-related quality of life, because my interaction in my work environment as well as in my sports environment improved dramatically……”

What Our Patients Say

Every part of my experience at Bow River Hearing has been exemplary. Zar in the office has always taken care of my appointments and makes me feel welcome - their new office is still clean and bright like their former location down the hall, and I have felt comfortable there even during Covid. Doug Hoyer has been compassionate, thoughtful, and thoroughly considerate throughout my sudden (and emotionally traumatic) hearing loss, and he has gone above and beyond to assess my hearing, carefully listening to me and understanding the personal impact of my hearing loss, educating me about my options while tailoring his recommendation to my specific needs, and perhaps I'm most floored and grateful for his effort (+ Zar's!) to help make hearing aids accessible to me - truly, this is the best care I've received in any branch of health care since the onset of my condition. Every aspect of the care I've received at Bow River Hearing has been extraordinarily helpful, Doug is patient to explain and reexplain questions I've got, and the tests I have received have been conducted with impressive equipment with trustworthy expertise. I am consistently grateful for the quality of care I receive at every appointment I've had at Bow River Hearing, and I would recommend the Mission location and Doug Hoyer especially, because of the outstanding experience I've had as his patient. The extent to which hearing aids have the power to improve the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss can not be understated - and I'm glad to know that my devices will be distributed to people who can use them through their charity program if/when I decide to replace them in 5 or so years. I could go on and on about how meaningful it has been for me to navigate my hearing loss with the guidance of such excellent professionals - thanks to Bow River Hearing, I have access to some pieces of myself that I was missing, which is priceless. I'm more confident and secure than I was feeling before, and I even want to brag about my awesome chic new devices. A+, five stars in every way.
Jamie T
 I was incredibly moved by the way staff treated my mother. Not only was her examination thorough but they treated her with such kindness. They took the time and made the effort to clearly explain everything to her . I would highly recommend Bow River Hearing.
Jennifer B
From the first phone call to the fitting I have received knowledge, kindness, and great service in a pleasant, covid safe office from caring staff from the receptionist to the Hearing Aid Practitioners.