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Airdrie Hearing Clinic



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Bow River Hearing is a hearing clinic that offers a location in Airdrie. At Bow River Hearing we have been known for our strong focus on patient care & education, specialization in tinnitus and our commitment to the community.

Bow River Hearing has been operating for 25 years and has always been committed to the highest standards in hearing diagnostics and patient care services. This commitment stems from our belief that hearing is essential to maintaining connections with those we love. We believe that everyone deserves to hear and live better, this is what drives us to not only better the hearing and lives of our patients but also those within our community and the world. When you visit our Airdrie hearing clinic we promise to care for you like family.

Educating Airdrie About Hearing Loss

At Bow River Hearing we believe that combating hearing loss is not only done through treating our patients it also done through educating our community. This is why we strive to educate Airdrians about hearing loss in several different ways. It all starts at our Airdrie hearing clinic where our hearing specialists are committed to taking the time to make sure our patients understand their specific hearing needs. We will walk you through the steps you need to take to properly protect, maintain and enjoy your hearing health. If you hearing aids are a part of your treatment, our expert team of specialists will ensure that you fully understand the custom plan is developed for you. We will make the commitment to educate not only you but also your friends, family and members of your community so we can all become active participants in your hearing journey,

It is important that both with hearing impairments understand that the path to better hearing is a journey. At our Bow River Hearing hearing aid events you will have the opportunity to learn more about your hearing aids and how wear and them. These events are also a great opportunity to connect with others that wear hearing aids so you can share tips and tricks and learn how to get the most out of your investment.

At Bow River Hearing we do not rest at just educating the people who enter our clinic doors, we strive to educate all those who live in Airdrie, about hearing loss and maintaining healthy hearing. This is why we provide hearing education seminars throughout the city free-of-charge. We believe that an understanding of hearing health in important to maintaining your overall health and wellness. Our hearing education seminars can help you identify if you are suffering from a hearing impairment, how to maintain healthy hearing or how to live and communicate with someone suffering from hearing loss. We host hearing loss education seminars regularly and are committed to ensuring all Airdrians have the knowledge they need to obtain healthy hearing.

Airdrie Hearing Tests

Most people don’t understand just how much a hearing impairment can affect their quality of life. Hearing is critical to maintaining relationships with those who you interact with. The ability to fully engage the world around you is key to achieving a happy and healthy life. This is why our Airdrie hearing clinics emphasize the importance of regular hearing tests for people of all ages. It is easy to know when you are suffering from vision loss, but hearing loss is not as easy to identify and can have just as much of an impact on your day to day life and overall health. The hearing tests performed by hearing specialists at Bow River Hearing are thorough, we take the time to ensure that not only are the standard hearing tests performed, but we also ensure that we test your ability to hear in noise as well as your sensitivities to volume.

Hearing tests are very important, however understanding your hearing history, lifestyle and hearing goals is equally as important. During your hearing examination at Bow River Hearing we will take time to understand what it is like to hear a day in your life so we can better understand possible concerns and how to build better treatment plans to allow you to enjoy your hearing.

Hearing Aids in Airdrie

At Bow River Hearing in Airdrie our personalized service and family approach extends to the hearing aid solutions we offer our patients. We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive hearing aids that will provide them with the best solution. This is why we strive to always have the best in Audiological Testing and Fitting equipment as well as the latest in hearing technology. Hearing aid technology is continuously evolving so we are constantly testing and working with our patients to ensure that we are offering the latest and greatest in the industry.

Everyone’s hearing is different so it is important that we understand all the differences and advantages of each hearing aid manufacturer. We pair this knowledge with a deep understanding of your lifestyle and goals. We also combine this with a thorough and accurate test that will ensure that we are able to recommend and provide the best solution for your hearing needs.

Hearing Protection in Airdrie

At Bow River Hearing in Airdrie we are big proponents of hearing protection. If you want to prevent hearing loss in the future then you need to protect your hearing today. If you work or reside in an environment where you are regularly exposed to loud noises you should consider hearing protection. You should also consider hearing protection if you participate in leisure activities that are exposed to loud noises, this includes driving recreational vehicles or taking in live music. Noise levels above 85 decibels are what hearing professionals consider the threshold at which one’s hearing is endangered.

You can’t afford to take risks with your hearing at our Airdrie hearing clinic we can provide you with proper hearing protection no matter the activity or environment you are in. Let the hearing specialists at Bow River Hearing get to know you and your lifestyle so they can provide you with personalized service and hearing protection options.

Visit our Airdrie Hearing Clinics

At Bow River Hearing we pride ourselves on educating our patients and treating our patients like family. Whether you are currently experiencing some hearing loss, suspect someone you know might have hearing loss, or if you just want to educate yourself and be proactive in your hearing health. Please give us a shout and we would be happy to sit down with you and make hearing health an important part of your life.

Our Airdrie hearing clinic location is located on 1st Avenue just west of Main Street. Our hearing specialists are ready to help you with any hearing questions or concerns you may have. For more information on our Airdrie hearing clinic or to book an appointment please contact us today.

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Airdrie Hearing Clinic

Phone: 403-945-0123
Fax: 403-945-0133
Email: [email protected]

Bay 4, 409 1st Ave NW

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Contact our Hearing Clinic in Airdrie