The choice to invest in hearing aids in not always an easy one. This is why Bow River hearing is committed to our Family Care approach to ensure that your have peace of mind when you decide to make an investment into hearing aids and a better quality of life.

75 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

At Bow River Hearing, we treat our patients like family. Naturally, we want our patients to be happy with their hearing aids. Our 75-day trial period ensures we have the opportunity to address any problems so each patient is comfortable and happy with their hearing aids. If we are unable to satisfy the needs of a patient, or they don’t find value in the services we offer, we promise a 100% money back guarantee.


We strive to ensure our patients are happy with their hearing device investment. However, sometimes repairs are necessary. To protect your investment, we include a 3 year repair warranty on all hearing devices.

Worried about losing or breaking your hearing devices? With our one time, 3 year Loss and Damage protection, we’ll be able to help you replace your hearing device at a fraction of the original cost, which is included with the purchase of any new hearing aids at Bow River hearing.

Financing And Subscription Plans

Our Payment Plan options ensure that your budget doesn’t stop you from choosing the right solution for your hearing loss and your lifestyle. Our financing plans offer you the ability to finance your investment over 3,4 or 5 years.

Our subscription plans allow you to rent hearing aids from us on 3 year terms. Working very similar to a lease (unfortunately without the option to buyout at the end of your term) this option allows you to never have to worry about out-of-warranty repairs or being stuck with older technology.