1112, 2019

Treating Tinnitus Is Good For The Whole Family

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Depending on the severity of a person’s tinnitus, it can affect, to varying degrees, their ability to interact with others. Socializing can become difficult and even one’s closest relationships can begin to suffer. For instance, being distracted by a phantom buzzing or ringing can make it very difficult to focus on conversations at a party, on the job, or even at the family dinner table. It isn’t difficult to imagine [...]

912, 2019

Is There A Cure For Tinnitus?

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The word “cure” doesn’t really apply to tinnitus, since it isn’t actually an illness. Tinnitus is a symptom caused by an underlying problem. For instance, tinnitus resulting from exposure to loud noises is the result of damage done to the hair cells of the inner ear. In that case, tinnitus is a signal letting us know that damage has been done. People suffering from tinnitus would most likely call that [...]

912, 2019

Who Can Be Affected By Tinnitus?

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Anyone can be affected by tinnitus. People with a history of tinnitus in the family may be more likely to develop it than those without that family history, but everyone has the potential for tinnitus. Anyone who smokes is susceptible to blood vessel constriction that leads to tinnitus. Anyone who works around loud machinery, or listens to a lot of loud music, without hearing protection can develop tinnitus. Anyone experiencing [...]

210, 2019

Common Causes of Tinnitus

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In a recent blog post, we talked about tinnitus and what exactly it is. Now let’s look at various ways in which tinnitus can be caused. What are the common causes of tinnitus? When discussing causes, it’s important to remember that tinnitus is not a condition or illness. It is a symptom of some other problem occurring in the body. Noise (Noise-induced tinnitus) Most people know constant exposure to overly-loud [...]

210, 2019

What Is Tinnitus?

By |October 2nd, 2019|Tinnitus|1 Comment

Many people come into the clinic seeking relief from what they think might be “tinnitus,” even if they don’t really know what tinnitus is. In fact, the question “what is tinnitus?” is a common conversation starter in the world of audiology. Is the ringing in my ears tinnitus? The simplest answer is that tinnitus is the technical term for an experience known as “ringing in the ears”—something many people tend [...]

1009, 2019

Sudden Hearing Loss: What To Do When You Notice Changes In Your Hearing

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Unexpected changes to our health should always be monitored carefully.  Sudden hearing loss is a serious issue and should be treated like any other urgent health care concern. What is sudden hearing loss? Sudden hearing loss is exactly what it sounds like, an unexpected and sudden loss of hearing, in one or both ears, that develops either immediately or over a 24-hour period. While sudden hearing loss can resolve itself [...]

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