2904, 2020

The Human Side Of COVID-19

By |April 29th, 2020|Wellness|0 Comments

It’s easy to feel jaded when it comes to what is being reported on news and media outlets. We are bombarded with scary statistics each day and are hunkered down in our homes anxiously waiting for this to pass. However, we have also started to see some good stories peek through and we wanted to focus on some of those stories to help show that humanity is greater than this [...]

1504, 2020

How To Stay Postitive During COVID-19 Pandemic

By |April 15th, 2020|Wellness|0 Comments

To say that people are feeling anxious about the current health crisis would be an understatement. The constant news updates, quarantine protocols, and cancellation of vacations and plans have led to a lot of fear and stress worldwide. While we are all stuck inside trying to stay safe and healthy, we need to keep in mind that our mental health is equally important. Here are a few ways you can [...]

2303, 2020

How Can I Support A Family Member With Tinnitus?

By |March 23rd, 2020|Tinnitus|0 Comments

Someone who has never experienced tinnitus can be at a loss when it comes to dealing with a friend or loved one who has it. For instance, it can be tempting to simply dismiss the sufferer’s complaints, assuming that he or she is imagining things. The first step in being of help to a friend or family member who has tinnitus is trying to understand how they might be feeling. [...]

2303, 2020

Can Lifestyle Changes Help Relieve Tinnitus Symptoms?

By |March 23rd, 2020|Tinnitus|0 Comments

Lifestyle changes can certainly relieve tinnitus but, unfortunately, eliminating it entirely is unlikely. Tinnitus, in most cases, is caused by inner ear damage that just cannot be reversed. The great thing about lifestyle changes is that they can draw your attention away from the sound you think you’re hearing and/or relieve certain stressors that tend to increase the intensity of tinnitus. Watch what you eat. There is no conclusive research [...]

303, 2020

What Should I Do If I Am Experiencing Symptoms Of Tinnitus?

By |March 3rd, 2020|Tinnitus|0 Comments

Tinnitus can be a very frustrating experience; hearing a sound that no one else can hear is a hard thing to explain to people. And having a persistent ringing, hissing or other sound follow you around 24/7 can truly set you on edge. Many individuals who suffer from tinnitus don’t often share they have these symptoms as it can make them feel even more isolated and misunderstood. Many describe this [...]

1112, 2019

Treating Tinnitus Is Good For The Whole Family

By |December 11th, 2019|Tinnitus|0 Comments

Depending on the severity of a person’s tinnitus, it can affect, to varying degrees, their ability to interact with others. Socializing can become difficult and even one’s closest relationships can begin to suffer. For instance, being distracted by a phantom buzzing or ringing can make it very difficult to focus on conversations at a party, on the job, or even at the family dinner table. It isn’t difficult to imagine [...]

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