Are you planning on making some New Year’s resolutions? Often, resolutions don’t work out because they’re too ambitious. We’d like to offer you a few simple tips for improving your health that won’t make too many demands on your time and will power.

  1. Find out what’s in the medicines and supplements you take.

    Prescription medicines, pain relievers, antacids, dietary supplements, vitamins and herbs—make a list and bring it to your doctor for advice on how to safely take everything

  2. Resolve to sleep more.

    People break resolutions in favor of sleeping all the time. Why not just make getting more sleep a resolution in the first place? We need 7-8 hours and many of us get far less.

  3. Pick healthy food options.

    Read the nutrition labels when you’re at the supermarket. Simple things like selecting options with lower sodium and/or sugar content can make a big health difference.

  4. Exercise.

    Okay. We saved this for last because it sounds hard. But exercise doesn’t need to be boring and exhausting in order to work. Visit for some ideas.

  5. Stay on top of your hearing health.

    Hearing loss can have serious effects on your overall well-being, so protect your hearing. For instance, avoid being around loud noises without hearing protection, keep your ears covered in cold weather and dry during swim season, and if you wear hearing aids, have them cleaned and checked regularly by a hearing health professional.

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