Giving is one of the best ways to show someone you care and appreciate them. The best gifts are thoughtful and reflect your attentiveness to another person’s needs. This holiday season, show your care for a loved one by gifting them an assisted living device that alleviates their hearing loss. Use this guide to find the perfect gifts for a loved one struggling with hearing loss.  All items are available at Bow River Hearing clinics for 15% off this December! 

  1. TV Links 
    If your loved one already owns a pair of hearing aids, TV links will significantly improve their experience. TV Links allow users to connect their hearing aids directly to their TV or computer using Bluetooth. This hearing aid accessory is perfect for virtually celebrating the holidays because your loved one will have no trouble hearing you through a web video call!
  2. Amplified Phone
    An amplified phone is a landline designed for individuals with hearing loss. Amplified phones allow users to significantly increase the volume of their ringer and call audio. Many amplified phones are compatible with hearing aids but make sure to check which aids your loved one wears before purchasing.
  3. Pocket Talker
    If your loved one is not using hearing aids, giving them a pocket talker is a great way for them to get comfortable with the idea of hearing assistance! Pocket talkers are portable communication devices meant to reduce background noise for someone with hearing loss. A speaker talks into the mini microphone while the individual with hearing loss listens through headphones.
  4. Smoke Alert
    Those suffering from hearing loss might not be able to hear the emergency sound of a smoke detector. Smoke alerts listen for smoke alarms and alert those with hearing loss through loud ringing (louder than that of the smoke alarm), pillow shakers or sometimes even strobe lights.
  5. Pillow Shaking Alarm Clock
    Vibrating alarm clocks allow people struggling with hearing loss to keep track of their sleep without having to rely on sound. This handy device is simple and effective for your loved one to use!
  6. Doorbell Signaler
    Doorbell signalers are easy-to-use wireless devices that ring off loud sounds (up to 100db) and flashes of light to alert homeowners with hearing loss when someone has rung their doorbell.
  7. Telephone Signaler 
    If your loved one has difficulty hearing their phone ring, telephone signalers will allow them to be less dependent on sound. Telephone signalers are connected to lamps to make them visibly flash on and off when there is an incoming phone call!

Assisted living devices are a great gift that can make the life of a loved one with hearing loss just a little easier. Stop by a Bow River Hearing clinic or shop online this December to get useful gift for your loved one! Ultimately, the best solution for hearing loss is pursuing treatment and getting hearing aids. Encourage your loved one to explore the idea, and book a hearing test today!