The new norms of covid-19 have followed well into the holiday season. The way we gather, shop and communicate will take on new forms for this year’s celebrations. Regardless of this drastic shift, you can still embrace the holiday spirit with your loved ones! Here are a few creative ways to safely continue the holiday festivities! 

  1. Gather your household members to watch Theatre Calgary’s filmed digital production of A Christmas Carol between December 11th to 31st, 2020. This play rendition of this classic Christmas story allows viewers to safely embrace the Christmas spirit from home. Tickets are $25 and available here!
  2. Use Light Up Calgary’s map to find extravagant outdoor light decorations put up by local families within your own neighborhood! You and your family can drive around safely observing Christmas light décor from the comfort and warmth of your car.  The map will continue to be updated throughout December as new submissions come in. Find the map here!
  3. Visit TELUS Spark for the Sparkle Sparkle exhibit. This indoor light show is a well monitored event that allows a select number of people to walk through a path of holiday light designs that incorporate science. The Sparkle Sparkle light exhibit is a family friendly event available Nov 27 – Jan 3, 2021 from 5:00pm  – 9:30pm daily. Learn more about it here!
  4.  Attend a virtual Christmas market! If you’re someone who enjoys shopping for holiday knick-knacks or locally made gifts, find an online Christmas market!  Etsy Calgary will be hosting a virtual Christmas market from December 4th to 6th, sign up here!
  5. Live stream Lambeth Palace’s live choir performance of holiday carols from the comfort of your own home! Join the UK stream at 9:30pm GMT on December 15 to listen to a performance of your favorite holiday songs! Register and save the event here.
  6. Schedule a family zoom call! Just because you can’t have all your family over this season doesn’t mean you can’t see them! Schedule a video conference with your family from all around the world to share stories, open presents and enjoy each others’ company.

As you are forced to adapt to this year’s celebrations, it is important to remember that those with hearing loss may be further affected by these shifts. The holidays can already be a very isolating time for people with hearing loss because they feel disconnected from festivities and frustrated from hyper-focusing on listening during conversation rather than participating. Attempting to hear audio coming out of a screen can be very overwhelming, especially if people are talking over each other. As you go through these new changes, remember to consider and accommodate loved ones with hearing loss so that they may equally enjoy themselves. We are all in this together, do the right thing and leave no loved one behind!