Season’s Greeting from all of us at Bow River Hearing!

As our holiday gift to you, we’re inviting you to come in for a free hearing aid cleaning and adjustment. We don’t want you to miss a single sound of the season! Call us for an appointment, so we can get your hearing aids ready to give you their best performance at our holiday gatherings.

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Put a Damper on Holiday Fun

The holidays are a great opportunity for get-togethers with family members we don’t see very often. Of course, that lack of regular contact means there may be some communication hurdles you’ll need to clear. We can’t help with any political or personality difference that can make conversation difficult, but we can offer some ideas keeping hearing loss from spoiling the party.

  1. Wear your hearing aids. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have them the last time you saw Cousin Alice. You have them now and you have them for a reason.
  2. Talk to those nearest you. Trying to hear at a distance in a room filled with conversation will just get frustrating.
  3. Be up front with people. Your relatives want to speak with you, too. Let them know they need to speak directly at you at a reasonable distance.

Those are just a few thoughts, but they can go a long way toward a happier holiday season. Most important, though, is to relax, do the best you can and enjoy the company of others.

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