Healthy hearing means happy travels

Traveling? Don’t Miss A Second of Sound.

Traveling with hearing loss. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? That’s why number one on our list of good things about traveling with a hearing aid is…get ready…being able to hear!

That may sound like a bad attempt at humour, but it’s really just a simple and true statement. Being able to enjoy the sounds of a destination is every bit as important as being able to see the sites.

On the practical side…
Being able to hear clearly is key to simply getting you where you’re going. Airports are loud and noisy—not the greatest environment for people with hearing loss. When a gate attendant is making an announcement over a glorified intercom speaker, you want every advantage you can get to make sure you hear when and if your flight is going to be departing. The same thing goes for bus terminals and train stations.On the personal-enjoyment side…
Whether it’s the ability to enjoy an oceanside conversation while strolling near the breakers on a windswept beach or being able to hear all the fun in a New Orleans jazz bar, a well-fit and properly calibrated hearing aid is a great traveling companion.More practical stuff…
If you already know the good reasons for traveling with a hearing aid, here’s a motto for your trip: “If I need it, I probably won’t be able to get it.” Among other things, that means…

  • Bring lots of batteries and/or the right kind of plug adapter for recharging.
  • Make sure you have everything you need to clean your hearing aid, store it properly and protect it from moisture.

Here’s wishing you happy and great-sounding travels!

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