COVID-19  has shown us that it’s hard to live in complete isolation from one another, even during a global pandemic. During our time at home, we learned the importance of communication for building and maintaining our relationships with people. For some, it might have been a time where their communication skills were at an all-time high. Staying at home meant that there was now time to focus on our relationship with family and friends, we could stop and smell the roses of our surroundings. From cooking together, doing at-home exercises together, or even something as simple as a stroll, we saw ourselves doing more with those we love. Our “staycation” was all the more bearable because of our increased access to technology. Social media and video chat applications skyrocketed in use. It is clear that we all have a need and desire to connect with others, but this can be especially difficult for those with hearing issues.

Hearing loss can make the situations presented by COVID-19 more challenging and can disconnect you from your surroundings. Remote learning or communication via video conferences presents challenges for individuals with hearing loss.

Hearing aids are essential in helping those with hearing loss bridge the gap created by the virus. The variations of different hearing aid features allow people’s individual needs to be met while at home. Functions such as Bluetooth pairing to smartphones are perfect for those working from home. Microphone remotes make talking to family and friends as easy as it should be. Hearing aids are the hidden helpers that make relationships stronger during a time like this. Better hearing grants us the joy of understanding others, allowing us to be fully immersed in a shared moment. Amongst many discoveries, COVID-19 shows us that the inherent value of hearing aids is to help users connect with the world around them.