The new year is a perfect opportunity to prioritize your hearing health. We all value the ability to hear the joyous sounds of life. Just like every other aspect of our health, we have to maintain good care of our hearing. Hearing loss affects over 10% of Canadians and is more prominent than we might imagine. Below are a few simple techniques you can implement to prevent and/or treat hearing loss. 


Preventing Hearing Loss 

  • Turn Down the Volume

Loud noises can cause permanent damage to the tiny hair cells in your ear that help you hear. Reducing the volume on your technology and making sure it is at a safe reduced level can help maintain your hearing over time. 

  • Use Hearing Protection

Utilize noise-canceling earphones and earplugs to protect your ears from loud noises in your environment. Avoid being around dramatically loud sounds without hearing protection like earplugs which can lower the sound volume by 15-20db. 

Pursuing Treatment for Hearing Loss 

  • Try an Online Hearing Screening

Use Bow River Hearing’s online hearing screening tool to test your hearing while at home. Online screening tools cannot replace the work of an audiologist, but they can give you an idea of how well your hearing is doing. 

  • Book a Hearing Test Appointment

The most important part of pursuing treatment for hearing loss is taking the initiative to book an appointment with your local hearing provider. At Bow River River Hearing booking an appointment with our providers is as easy as clicking our online booking tool or giving a call to one of our 4 locations

  • Try A Pair of Hearing Aids

Ultimately, treatment for hearing loss will most likely include hearing aids. Ask your hearing providers if you can test out the latest hearing technology. Take advantage of Bow River Hearing’s technology showcase, an event where you can try on the latest hearing aids. 


Taking the steps to prevent hearing loss can help you avoid pursuing treatment. Healthy living includes healthy hearing and it’s never too late to take control of your health.