Ever wonder why no one ever sees the Easter Bunny when he’s dropping off candy and eggs? One reason is probably those big, floppy ears. Regular bunnies tend to be very small and, therefore, easy prey for bigger animals; to help them out a bit, nature has given them nice, long ears that can hear danger coming at a distance of nearly two miles. If an ordinary, everyday bunny gets two-miles of warning so he can get out of the way, imagine what kind of hearing the Easter Bunny must have to help him avoid curious kids!

Okay, now that you’re jealous about the hearing ability of bunnies. Let’s turn to those adorable baby chicks you see at Easter. They’ve got great hearing, even while still inside the egg. Mama hen speaks to her eggs, so the chicks inside will recognize her voice after hatching. And as those chicks grow up to be roosters and hens, their hearing stays healthy. No age-related hearing loss for them (unlike us). Chickens actually have the ability to regrow damaged hearing cells; in humans, once the inner ear loses a hair cell, it’s gone for good.

Now, while humans can’t do anything about regrowing hair cells (although researchers are taking a close look at chickens to see how they do it), there’s an Easter tradition that can do good things for your hearing health.

Are you ready?

It’s chocolate! Yay, chocolate! It’s pretty much music to your ears, especially dark chocolate, with a level of zinc and magnesium content that helps protect against age-related hearing loss and noise-related hearing damage. In addition, chocolate gives your overall immune system a boost that helps keep infections away.

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