Phonak, a prominent manufacturer of hearing care solutions, recently released their latest line of hearing aids called Paradise. The Paradise line consists of 4 hearing aids offered in 7 colours that strive to deliver crisp natural sounds through their easy to access technology enhancements. Here’s what you can expect from the Paradise hearing aids 

What Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids Offer

Motion Sensor Hearing: The hearing aids will pick up on sound based on your own movements

Speech Enhancer: Created to enhance the peaks of speech in quiet situations

Dynamic Noise Cancellation: Spatial noise cancellation so you can hear better in challenging situations. 

Connectivity: Ability to connect your hearing aids to IOS and Android devices 

Hearing Diary: A client dashboard that allows you to datalog, visualize feedback, create tasks, and set goals

Remote Support: Remote support sessions for your fitting process to test your hearing aids. 

The Paradise aids follow the success of Phonak’s 2018 Marvel hearing aid line. Unlike Marvel, Paradise hearing aids have tap controls for pausing/playing audio, answering calls, and voice assistance. These features can be used as a replacement for earbuds and headphones. Paradise hearing aids also have higher memory and processing power for better sound quality and overall performance than Marvels, along with entirely different internal hardware. 

The Phonak Paradise line offers new technical features that make using hearing aids a smooth process. As social distancing continues, these new improvements make virtual connection easy and convenient for you and your loved ones.