It is certainly never too late to pursue your passions. The unofficial rule that we slow down our interests, passions, and curiosity with age should be eradicated. Ideas such as these put limitations on seniors that are navigating the next exciting avenue of their lives. Age does not restrict creative expression of the discovery of new sources of enjoyment, rather, it frees us to do so.

Today’s modern society leaves us with plenty to do, explore and learn after retirement, bringing about mental freedom in which we have the opportunity to embrace our most authentic self with little to no physical restrictions. Almost every problem has a solution, and your hearing health should most certainly not be what is holding you back from living your best life. 

For instance, 73-year-old grandmother Huang Yanzhen took social media by storm through the bold and ebullient self-expression of her new life on Instagram. Yanzhen was a dedicated young mother for years until retirement brought her the freedom to explore the world. Yanzhen can be seen on social media embracing bright fashions as she travels all across China and the rest of the world. The free-spirited grandma continues to adore her family but has a newfound love for adventure and independence. Huang Yanzhen is a social media influencer by her own right and expression. 

Similarly, in 2009, 86-year-old Huang Yung-fu spent his newfound freedom creating art. Yung-fu lived in an abandoned military village where he had spent many years living as a single resident. In an attempt to build more modern apartment complexes, the Taiwanese government offered Yung-fu money to relocate. Yung-fu declined the offer and started to paint large and vibrant visuals on the walls of the abandoned area. His work riled up enough community support to stop the government from destroying the little village all the while increasing the popularity of the area. Today, 97-year-old Yung-fu is known as Rainbow Grandpa who lives in Rainbow Village, a tourist spot that brings in over 1 million people a year.

Both individuals continued to chase the adventure that is life despite the status quo associated with their age. There is a lesson to be learned from both stories of continual self-expression and adventure, that being to never stop chasing or believing in your own storyline. Live freely and never place unnecessary restrictions on yourself. If your hearing health is stopping you from living out your desires, whether that be hearing loss or tinnitus, there are solutions and treatments. The only limitations on the thrills of life are the ones you put on it by not taking action. Leap forward, check your hearing health and enjoy what is to come.