It’s easy to feel jaded when it comes to what is being reported on news and media outlets. We are bombarded with scary statistics each day and are hunkered down in our homes anxiously waiting for this to pass. However, we have also started to see some good stories peek through and we wanted to focus on some of those stories to help show that humanity is greater than this pandemic.

We can start in Italy where they have been on lockdown for days and are in a tougher spot than most of the world. The people of Italy are making the most of their situation by hosting a series of events via their balconies. You can see fitness instructors leading workout classes, DJ’s playing music, opera singers hosting their own concerts, and plenty of people playing instruments for others to enjoy. Not only is their optimism great for those in Italy, but being able to hear and view their stories globally has shown other communities that there is still a lot of joy and hope to be had.

Speaking of music, famous musicians worldwide have started hosting virtual concerts. Many music festivals and concerts have been canceled recently and musicians have come up with an excellent, and free, alternative. You can stream their live concert from the comfort of your home. Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Diplo, Charlie Puth and more have all scheduled concerts for later this month for people to get excited about.

While finding ways to entertain each other is important and a fun aspect of quarantining ourselves, the most important thing is to make sure we all have the essentials we need to get through this together at home, and grocery stores are doing just that. Since senior citizens are the most at risk, many stores have started offering dedicated senior hours. This way they can visit stores during off-peak hours and lower their risk of contact with others. Some stores are even going as far as to offer free at-home delivery for seniors.

During times of stress, coming together can help to calm communities down and allows people to feel supported. These stories, and many more, show that there is so much good in the world to enjoy. Make sure to reach out to loved ones to check in and keep in mind that we are all in this together.