To say that people are feeling anxious about the current health crisis would be an understatement. The constant news updates, quarantine protocols, and cancellation of vacations and plans have led to a lot of fear and stress worldwide. While we are all stuck inside trying to stay safe and healthy, we need to keep in mind that our mental health is equally important. Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself mentally:

  1. Be mindful of your body. Make sure to eat well, get enough sleep, and try to get some activity each day. Being stuck inside can feel limiting, but there are a lot of apps and videos that can walk you through at-home workouts and meditations to shake up your daily routine.

  2. Take breaks from the news and social media. It can all be a bit overwhelming, so make sure to unplug each day to decompress and keep a positive mindset.

  3. Have fun! Try the things you have always wanted to. Cook a new recipe, take up online Spanish courses or start painting. Anything new or exciting to look forward to will help pass the time while quarantined.

  4. Connect with friends. Out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind. Call your loved ones to touch base and watch a movie or show together. Keep in contact with those you care about to combat any loneliness you might be feeling during this time.

We are all concerned about our physical health right now, but mental health can have a huge impact on our overall wellbeing so make sure to look out for both.